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A smart wall mount for a smart speaker. Tilts and swivels to perfectly angle the One, which can even be mounted upside down for easy access to on-speaker controls
  • High-quality, tailored wall mount for the One with a seamless base – holds the speaker securely but discreetly, with flexible movement to 
  • Has a unique tilting mechanism (down 15°) plus can swivel up to 80° (40° left, 40° right), so you can perfectly angle your One
  • Mount can be inverted to hold the One upside down, so the speaker’s topside controls and microphone are easily accessible if mounting higher up the wall
  • Precision engineered in the UK from premium materials. Quick and easy to fit and adjust
  • Fixing hardware pack included, with solutions for both Brick/Masonry and Wood/Studwork walls
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