PWM to 0-10V Controller

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Seade muudab PWM signaali 0-10V analoogsignaaliks. Sobib kasutamiseks koos LED riba dimmeritega nagu Qubino või Fibaro RGBW.
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This compact module converts analogue 0-10V control signals into DALI light levels. The module has an integrated bus supply for a small DALI system with up to 4 standard DALI ballasts (10mA). The device offers both a current sink and current source 0-10V input. Versions with different dimming ranges, such as 1%-100% or 10%-100%, and different DALI functionality at input voltages below 1V are available. An additional configuration with the DALI Cockpit software is not possible.
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Minilux light sensor
– for outdoor lighting control
• 43-198 for connection to Minilux
• Screw terminal connection
• Protection class IP 54
Minilux light sensor 43-198 is for outdoor
lighting control.
The light sensor has screw terminal
connection, so there is no need for extra
junction boxes.
The light sensor has a IP 54 protection class.
Please note!
If the light sensor is connected to a class I
Minilux Control the wiring to the sensor
must be set up as for power current.
By placement on a wall you must make
compensation for the shadow effects on the
sensor. (see fig. 1)
The sensor must be placed notherly,
because north is lightneutral in proportion
to the suns daily cycle east-south-west.
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