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Soovid juhtida oma kodus erinevaid stseene ilma nutitelefoni kasutamata?

ZRC-90 on selleks ideaalne Stseenikontroller, sellega saad lihtsasti anda oma olemasolevale juhtseadmele käskluse - ainult ühe nupuvajutusega võib see käivitada sinu lemmik stseeni.
Soovid juhtida oma kodus erinevaid stseene ilma nutitelefoni kasutamata? 

ZRC-90 on selleks ideaalne Stseenikontroller, sellega saad lihtsasti anda oma olemasolevale juhtseadmele käskluse - ainult ühe nupuvajutusega võib see käivitada sinu lemmik stseeni. 

Kui arvad, et sulle ei piisa ainult 8 nupust, siis ära muretse, sest ühele nupule saada anda mitu käsklust. Näiteks vajutada ühe korra- lähevad tuled põlema. Vajutades kaks korda, kustutad tuled ära ning alla hoides saada kasvõi oma valgusteid dimmerdada. Samamoodi võid seadistada teise nupu nt ventilastiooni jaoks, üks vajutus aeglane, teine kiirem režiim jne ...
ZRC-90 stseenikontroller on ideaalne nt lastele, külalistele, inimestele kellele sa soovida anda piiratud võimaluse oma nutikodus olemasolevaid stsenaarumeid käivitada või seadmeid juhtida.

Selle Stseenikontrolleri teeb mugavaks ka asjaolu, et seda on võimalik nii seinale kui ka lihtsalt lauale asetada. Komplektis on kaasas seinakinnitus.
Mooduli tüüp: Z-Wave Kontroller

Toide: 2x AAA patarei
Z-Wave sagedus: 868.42MHz
Leviala : 40m väljas avamaal
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Bring color into your life and create a personal comfortable atmosphere with dimmable white and color shades. The Hank RGB LED bulb fits into every E27 bulb holder and can be connects to a smart home center through Z-Wave wireless technology right after screwing in. The required radio chip is already integrated into the bulb’s housing. Via remote control, smartphone or tablet you can vary brightness and light color as well. Daylight, candle light or party atmosphere: As of now you can define light atmosphere according to your wishes or use scenes (e.g. in case of an alarm) activating appropriate light color.

As a special function, the Hank bulb light color can be completely adjusted without using a smartphone app. Just control it over the existing wall switch. Through the combination of ON/OFF at the wall switch, the bulb will go into a fade mode and fades through all main colors. Once you have found the color you like, you select it by switching ON/OFF the bulb again. Then the fade mode will stop and the bulb will stay in the current color mode.

Due to LED technology, power consumption is very low compared to conventional bulbs. The Hank bulb is as bright as a conventional 60W bulb, but needs only 7W.

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The Z-Weather is an energy-self-sufficient wind and weather sensor, powered by a solar cell. Thanks to the energy management and the internal capacitor the wind sensor sends measured data to the Z-Wave Controller even during the night. The built-in energy manager automatically calculates and sets the wake-up interval between 5 minutes (on sunny days) and 1-2 hours on cloudy days or at the beginning of the day. Additionally, the energy management protects against full discharging and enables continuous operation for reporting gusting wind, storm or dusk in case of emergency and triggers appropriate actions.

The multifunctional sensor can capture and send different values via Z-Wave to the smart home center:

Wind Speed
Air Temperature
Relative Humidity
Light Intensity
Air Pressure
Dew Point
In addition, Z-Weather captures the energy delivered by the solar cell and calculates the possible energy yield of a photovoltaics system at the same place. The measurement of the solar cell’s yield is normalized to a solar module of 1 square meter and reported with 16% efficiency in kWh. To calculate the wind yield, every eighth rotation is counted and the total sum is reported as Pulse.

Thanks to Z-Weather you can trigger closing of the awning and blinds either by direct associated devices or scenes. Measures of the ambient light and the solar yield can be used to turn on the outdoor light at dusk time and turn the light off in the morning.
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