Doorbird D2101V seinahoidja

Tootekood: D2101V-1
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Tellimisaeg 3-7 tööpäeva
144,00 €
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The 2N Helios 91378365 is a stylish multifunctional communicator indoor touch panel that is suitable for any interior design of your business offices. This integrated, professional door communication system offers highly intuitive control, which runs on Android operating system and provides audio and video communication with 2N Helios IP intercoms via SIP 2.0 protocol. It features a 7“ touchscreen with high definition and energy saving mode, an integrated microphone and speaker for effective and excellent communication with visitors and multi-coloured LED status indicator.

Tootekood: 91378365 ,   Laoseis: 1
220,50 € (65%)
630,00 €
Doorbird D101 IP videofonotelefon
Tootekood: D101S ,   Laoseis: Tellimisaeg 3-7 tööpäeva
381,00 €
Doorbird D203 postkastiga videofonotelefon
Tootekood: D203 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisaeg 3-7 tööpäeva
856,00 €
Tootekood: D2101V ,   Laoseis: Tellimisaeg 3-7 tööpäeva
656,00 €
Vihmakate D21xKV-le, roostevabast terasest V2A, harjatud, kasutamiseks koos pinnakinnitusega korpusega
Tootekood: D21xKVH ,   Laoseis: Tellimisaeg 3-7 tööpäeva
169,20 €