POPP Z-Wave+ elektrooniline ukse kontroller

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POPP Z-Wave+ uksekontroller elektrilise vasturaua juhtimiseks.

With the first Z-Wave controlled electronic door opener the house entrance door – especially in multi-family houses – can be integrated into home automation. The POPP door opener controller replaces the existing door opener, communicates encrypted with the Z-Wave control center and enables wireless door opening with remote controls, smartphone or tablet pc. This way you can enter the house without using a key. Furthermore, you can open the door for your children when on the move. Your children don’t need an own key. 

In multi-family houses, the small POPP door opener module will be installed at any separate apartment’s intercom directly and included into the Z-Wave System there.

The door opener works with battery or can be powered over the bell transformer’s power supply. It is also possible to connect door mechanisms with monitor contact.


  • Integrates electrical door opener into the Z-Wave network
  • Remote control for door opener
  • For single- and multi-family houses
  • Power Supply: Battery or bell transformer
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus
  • Dimensions: 56x25x14 mm
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