Universaalne Danalock V3 moodul Z-Wave + Bluetooth

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Laoseis: Tellimisaeg 3-7 tööpäeva
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Universaalne Danalock V3 moodul Z-Wave + Bluetooth

The Universal Module is part of the Danalock ecosystem. You can easily control and manage all your Danalock devices with the Danalock App. Share access easily with the Danalock App you can manage and distribute an unlimited number of digital keys for your Universal Module. You can let contractors and home services into your home with a temporary digital key and make sure that they only have access to the planned time slot. You can give access to anyone. The only thing needed is a smartphone.

• Control up to 2 devices with one module
• GPS-based automatic unlock
• Supports both normally open and normally closed connections
• Automatic re-locking after you get home
• Easy customization and management of guests with 3 separate levels of access

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