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Артикул: AEO_ZW080
Единица: tk
Кол-во: 1
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Moodul tüüp: Z-Wave
Toide: 90-260V, 50/60 Hz
sisemine mälupatareipesa (liitium): 430 mAh
Ooterežiimis: 0.7W
Töörežiimis: 1,7W
Sagedus: 868,42 MHz
Edastamise kaugus: 170m avatud alal
Kõlari võimsus: 105dB
Töötemperatuur: 0 ° C kuni 45 ° C
Mõõdud: 8.5cm x 5.7cm x 6.5cm
Kaal: 85g
Sertifikaadid: CE ja RoHS
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Aeotec измеритель энергии
Tänapäeval on elektri tarbimine väga aktuaalne teema ja seetõttu ka selle jälgimine. Aeon Labs'i elektrilugejaga klambrid annavad kiire ja lihtsa mooduse kuidas saada ülevaade oma elektritarbimisest.
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DANALOCK - Smart door lock work with Bluetooth (V3)
Danalock V3 Bluetooth wireless controlled lock. The Danalock V3 also has an AIRBNB environment that allows even more convenient access to a guest apartment.
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Product information "STEINEL L 810 LED iHF (Outdoor light with LED)"
Searching the keyhole into the dark or having fear in dark corners - that's the past!

Thanks to the STEINEL Ourdoo r light L 810 LED with the invisible, intelligent high-frequency sensor (iHF sensor) you can light up your entrances and the fronts of buildings with a optical and technological high quality light.

The outdoor light offers stylish up and down lighting as well as soft light start and a manual override of 4 hours. The iHF sensor has got a 160° detection angle and it can detect motions in a range up to 5m.

Like every product of STEINEL the outdoor light can also integrated into any other Z-Wave network. In the App you can do every settings and at the same time you can turn ON and OFF the light with this App.

The pleasant warm white light brings more secrurity to your plot of land as well as optical highlights.
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Product information "Eutonomy - euFIX R222NP DIN Adapter"
The euFIX adapters bring more professionalism to your Smart Home.

By using this professional solution you are able to mount the FIBARO moduls at DIN rail TH35 and hide them cleverly inside the electrical cabinet or the fuse box. You have the choice between two versions: with or without button.

The Eutonomy euFIX R222NP is suitable for the FIBARO Roller Shutter 2 (FIBEFGR-222) and has no button.
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