Box for Micro module

Артикул: BLI685500
Единица: tk
Кол-во: Tellimisel
3,99 €
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Aeotec Мультисенсорный ресивер
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Nodon переключатель
Patareidega lüliti on ideaalne lahendus, kui ehituse käigus on ununenud mõni kaabel vedamata. Tänu z-wave protokollile on lüliti voolutarve madal ning normaalse kasutuse korral patareide eluiga ca 1,5a.
Артикул: CWS-3-1-01 ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
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Артикул: PLAY1-W ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
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Sengled Solo Led + Bluetooth JBL Loudspeakers
Sengled Solo combines an energy-saving LED bulb with integrated JBL stereo speakers.
• Wireless music playback
• Control music and light with one app
• Dimmable, e cient LED smartlight
Артикул: C01-A66-3350 ,   Кол-во: 18
49,90 €
ZipaTile with Z-wave and Zigbee is the complete home control system in the form of a single device. It can be easily mounted on any wall, in any home. Featuring a large number of built-in sensors and hardware modules, ZipaTile will replace numerous home devices such as a security system, thermostat, automation controller, IP camera, alarm siren or intercom and bring it all together in one, smart and beautiful device.
Артикул: zt.zweuzbee.g ,   Кол-во: 2
327,18 € (18%)
399,00 €