Netatmo термостата радиатора

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1 Netatmo Smart Radiators Valves
Up to 20 valves per installaton.
Set your weekly heating schedule simply by answering 5 questions.
You can create as many schedules as you like.
Option to adjust the temperature directly on the Valve.
Fine-tune your comfort temperature room-by-room. 
UV-resistant translucent plexiglas cylinder.
Option to customise in one of 4 available colours.
Energy efficient, extended range capability and optimum readability.
No subscription fees.
Application available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.
Free access to your online personal dashboard.
Accessible from multiple devices.
iOS 9 minimum required for iPhone, iPad, iPod 
Android 4.2 minimum required with access to Google Play
Encrypted communication protocol.
Wireless connection between Thermostat and relay: 100m radio long-range
Compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz).
Valve : 80x58 mm.
Relay : 83 x 83 x 24 mm.
Temperature (measure):
Range:   0°C to 50°C
Accuracy:   ±0.5°C

Temperature (setpoint):
Setpoint range:   5°C to 30°C
Increment measure:   0.5°C
Units:   °C
2 AA batteries
2-year battery life.
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Product information "Eurotronic Spirit - Heating panel thermostat"
The new Thermostat by EUROtronic has a completely new design. You can change the panels (available as an accesoire) and costumize the thermostat to your own individual set-up liking.

Z-Wave Users get bunch of new functions. The device is equipped with FLiRS (Frequently Listening Receiver Slave) and reacts immediately to incoming commands of the Z-Wave controller. Furthermore the device is able to be connected to an external Z-Wave temperature sensor. Because of that the thermostat refers to the temperature of the external sensor, which can be placed in the middle of the room.

The display of the thermostat has a background light and has a big LCD screen. Besides you can also lock the local buttons as a child protection.

The multicolor LED of the central button allows a intuitive usability because the User is invited to follow the instruction based on the blinking LED of the middle butto.

Spirit Z-Wave Plus is delivered with silver design blends for the battery compartment and the Decoration ring. Additionally a white neutral battery compartment is enclosed.

As accessory you can get different colors for the battery compartment and the decoration ring. The colors are costumizable to the living environment.

The TRV can either be used as heating thermostat or as a actuator depending on the configuration of the device. The measured temperature or the position of the actuator of the thermostat are transfered to the Z-Wave gateway.
Артикул: EURESPIRIT ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
49,94 €
MCO Home fancoili termostaat on mõeldud juhtima samast punktist nii kütet kui jahutust releekontaktidega. Sisse-ehitatud releed võimaldavad juhtida nii ventilaatori kiiruseid, jahutusseadme ajamit või kütteajamit.
Z-Wave suhtlusprotokoll tagab kindla ja kvaliteetse suhtlemise Z-Wave keskkontrolleriga süsteemides. Seadme displei pealt on näha nii ruumi temperatuuri kui ka kellaaega. Samuti oskab termostaat juhtida automaatselt ventilaatori kiiruseid kui see on külge ühendatud (max 3 astet).

MCO Home termostaat töötab 230V pinge pealt ja paigaldatakse seina toosi. Must ja valge klaaspaneel sobivad hästi igasse interjööri.

Termostaat sobib juhtima erinevaid küttekehasid.
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