Sengled Element kit light management + remotely controllable LED

Артикул: K-Z02-1H-2A60EUE27-3391
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Nutitelefonist juhitavad LED valgustid.

Sengled Element komplekti võid juhtida nutitelefonist või luua hõlpsasti stsenaariumeid.

Sengled Element komplekt sisaldab endas kahte pirni ja Zigbee keskseadet, mis võimaldab valgusteid juhtida nii kodust kui ka distantsilt. Ühe Zigbee keskuse külge on võimalik ühendada kuni 50 Element-i pirni.
Sengled  Element kit light management + remotely controllable LED
•           Various lighting scenarios controllable via app and switch. From home or on the move.
•           The lighting mood is infinitely variable from warm to cool white.
•           Future-proof with Zigbee for Smart Home, energy consumption and efficiency at a glance. Intruder protection thanks to presence simulation.
With Element, controlling brightness and lighting mood plus creating programmable scenarios is child‘s play. The light can be dimmed by using the app or by simply flipping the regular light switch. Furthermore, you always have your full energy consumption statistics at your fingertips.  Sengled  Element is available as a starter kit with 2 lamps and a Zigbee hub allowing control from home or on the move. Can be combined with up to 50 lamps for the right lighting ambience.
Technical data
Model number:  Z01-A60EAE27
Energy supply: 220-240V 50Hz
Lamp base: E27 / B22
Energy consumption: 9.8W ±10%
Operating temperature:  -20°C ~ +40°C
Air humidity: 10% - 95%
Luminous flux:  806 lumen
Colour temperature: 2700-6500 Kelvin, controllable via app
Colour rendering index: >80
Beam angle: 270°
Dimmable: Yes, via app or wall switch on/off
Zigbee Protocol:  zigbee  HA 1.2.1;  zigbee  pro
Housing colour: Warm white
Dimensions: Diameter:  60mm; height: 120mm
Weight: 210g
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