Sengled Pulse Cradle - Desk lamp for Pulse / Flex

Артикул: P1D275EC-3410
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• Design music light with JBL Loudspeaker (Bulbs not included)
• Ideal sound thanks to 360° adjustability
Cradle in combination with your Sengled JBL loudspeaker lamp brings music to any desk
you like - be it your work- or bedroom. Simply screw in the LED bulb Pulse with integrated LED loudspeakers and enjoy an ideal sound thanks to 360° adjustability. 

Power supply: 00-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature:  -20°C - + 35°C
Beam Angle: 360° adjustable
Housing Color: White, Silver
Dimensions: diameter 170mm, height: 525 mm
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