Артикул: SW-ZCS-1-WH
Единица: tk
Кол-во: 1
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SWIID SwiidInter Z-Wave ripplülitiga, valge
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Protect your property from water damage! The flood detector is designed to sense the presence of water in basements, yachts and many others residential and commercial applications, providing early warning of developing floods. The flood detector is designed so that the transceiver is mounted on the wall and its probe is placed in a location where leakage or flooding is probable. Its great compatibility with the Z-Wave product family makes it suitable for smart home cloud based platforms.

– Flood sensor cable length: 3m
– Built-in 60dB beep tone
– Battery: 3 x 1.5V Alkaline / AA
– Freq: 868.42 MHz / 869 MHz / 908.42 MHz
Артикул: EVR_ST812 ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
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Жестовый контроллер сценариев Fibaro Swipe
Жестовый контроллер сценариев FGGC-001 (FIBARO Swipe) это революционное устройство, питающееся от батареек, которое позволяет управлять Вашими устройствами в сети Z-Wave с помощью жестов.
Артикул: FGGC-001 ,   Кол-во: 4
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Sengled double Pulse ONION bulb holder for PULSE (Master & Satellite)
Sengled Pulse pirnipesa

Onion vormib sinu Pulse jaoks täiusliku kodu.
Артикул: C02-BR30EAE27-3376 ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
104,90 €