Артикул: ZMNHBA2
Единица: штук
Кол-во: 1
69,00 €
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Qubino 2x1,5kw releemoodul
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Tööpinge: 3.7 V (Lithium Polümer aku)
Aku laadimispinge: 5 VDC @ Micro USB Port
Raadius: kuni 40 m toas, kuni 100m väljas
Töötemperatuur: -10°C ~ 40°C

EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3
EN 300 220-1, EN 300 220-2
EN62479, En60950
FCC Part 15 B, FCC Part 15 C
Артикул: PSR04-1 ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
65,50 €
Patareidega lüliti on ideaalne lahendus, kui ehituse käigus on ununenud mõni kaabel vedamata. Tänu z-wave protokollile on lüliti voolutarve madal ning normaalse kasutuse korral patareide eluiga ca 1,5a.
Артикул: CWS-3-1-01 ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
54,00 €
Aeotec 5 generatsiooni Z-Wave+ releelüliti
Артикул: ZW139-C ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
63,50 €
Product information "TKB Home Double Relay Wall Switch (Cornered Frame)"
The double relay wall switch by TKB Home is a wall switch with integrated double relays and 2 rocker buttons. The double relay can switch 2 electrical loads with 1,380 watts each. With the double shift paddle or via Z-Wave radio, you can control each load separately. Besides, further actions within the Z-Wave network can be triggered via double click.

The wall switch can be easily connected to 2 electrical loads without installing a flush mounted module separately. The 2 relays are located inside a module which is directly connected to the wall switch with the paddles. With that TKB Home wall switch you can replace any switch insert or toggle switch. The wall switch can be mounted on any flush box.

With TKB Home wall switches you can easily integrate your already installed lights into your home automation network. Without installing any news cable, you can switch your lighting as usual via wall switch – but thanks to Z-Wave technology also via remote control, smartphone or sensor-controlled automation.
Артикул: TKBETZ57 ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
49,99 €
A stylish step into the future
Unique design and exceptional technology
The complete series of FIBARO smart outlets and switches based on Z-Wave technology will equip your home with versatile intelligence. The look of the series is inspired by a pearl - its timeless sophistication and beautiful shape that will complement any nifty interior.
Артикул: FGWDEU-111
89,95 €