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ZipaTile with Z-wave and Zigbee is the complete home control system in the form of a single device. It can be easily mounted on any wall, in any home. Featuring a large number of built-in sensors and hardware modules, ZipaTile will replace numerous home devices such as a security system, thermostat, automation controller, IP camera, alarm siren or intercom and bring it all together in one, smart and beautiful device.
  • Remote control with smartphone
  • Online rule creator
  • Scene manager
  • Room manager
  • Z-Wave, ZigBee, Nest, Phillips Hue, Sonos, Bluetooth.
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Артикул: NQ-92021 ,   Кол-во: 1
115,28 €
Philio кнопка умного цвета
Tööpinge: 3.7 V (Lithium Polümer aku)
Aku laadimispinge: 5 VDC @ Micro USB Port
Raadius: kuni 40 m toas, kuni 100m väljas
Töötemperatuur: -10°C ~ 40°C

EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3
EN 300 220-1, EN 300 220-2
EN62479, En60950
FCC Part 15 B, FCC Part 15 C
Артикул: PSR04-1 ,   Кол-во: 2
65,50 €
Danfoss термостат
Danfoss uus juhtmevaba termostaat.
- Radiaatorite termostaat
- Avatud akna funktsioon ( radiaator suletakse järsu temperatuurilanguse korral)
- Intelligentne küttejuhtimine
Артикул: 014G0013 ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel ,   Время доставки: 5-7 päeva
64,80 €
Qubino измеритель энергии
Qubino DIN voolumõõtja.

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Артикул: ZMNHTD1 ,   Кол-во: 3
77,94 € (35%)
119,90 €
Product information "STEINEL XLED home 2 (LED spotlight with a motion sensor)"
Make the outdoor area of your home and your garden more safe by installing only one device.

The STEINEL LED spotlight with a motion sensor has got a fully swivelling LED panel in a classy opal look and a presicion infrared sensor which are both very flexible usable. Through the big swivel range of the LED panel (180° horizontally and vertically) you can light out all dark corners and ways of your plot of land. The precise infrared sensor which is swivelling 180° horizontally and 90° vertically notices motions in a detection angle of 140° and in a range of 14m.

You can integrate the LED spotlight with a motion sensor into any other Z-Wave network and amplify your Smart Home with an additional secrurity factor. After the integration you can make settings via App and at the same time you can use it to turn ON and OFF the spotlight.

The STEINEL LED spotlight with a motion sensor is avaiable in the colours black, white, anthracite and silver.
Артикул: STEEXLEDWS ,   Кол-во: Tellimisel
129,00 €